Purifing warmth

Be pampered by the warmth of one of our baths.

Duration: 30 minutes Price: €40,00

Bath with partial massage
Duration: 60 minutes Price: €60,00

Original Alta Badia hay-bath

Lay down totally relaxed, bundled in moist, warm, fragrant mountain hay from Alta Badia. The steam of the hay extract gently warms your body. The perspiration caused by the hay bath drains and purifies your body and deeply cleanses your skin.

Swiss-pine bath

Especially beneficial after sporting activity. Fortifies the respiration system and also the entire body.

Algae bath

Stimulates your blood pressure, betters your cell development and frees you of extra waste products. Besides that, it is well-liked for full and partial body treatments to tighten up tissues and to smooth your skin. Also ideal if you wish to do something against your cellulite problem.


Whether you use fango for your entire body or just for a part of it, the warm treatment with its high mineral content has efficiently been used in the south for years to alleviate rheumatic pains and tensed up muscles.

Original Dead Sea salt algae bath

Has a beneficial effect on the metabolism in general, and on the metabolism of fats in particular. Stimulates local blood circulation, has a diuretic and anti-toxin effect on the body and the surface of the skin.

Original “Vitalis” apple bath

Outstanding body regeneration. Soothes, cleans and taughtens the skin, with anti-ageing effect.

Nightcandle oil bath

The nightcandle is a very well-known healing plant. As it grows in healthy high altitudes, it developes the extraordinary capability to stimulate also metabolism as hormone levels so well that the change is quickly noticeable on your skin – it feels especially soft. Very good for dry, sensitive and/or problematic skin.