Feelings all over you

Free your body and mind with the ancient science of long-life: Ayurveda, the Ratna Abhyanga massage with cristals and stones either than the wellknown VATA-, KAPHA- or PITTA massages. We also offer you many traditional massages for your welfare.


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Ratna Abyanga: the massage with cristals and stones

massage1Warm herbal oil with cristals and stones heated up to 40°celsius, meet the energy points of your body, cures stiffnes of joints, imporves blood circulation and activates your energy.
Duration: 90 minutes Price: €85,00

Vata massage: strong massage

massage1 For a proper blood circulation, relaxation of the mind, cures stiffnes of joints, revitalizes and rejuvenates.
Duration: 2 hours Price: €105,00

Pitta massage: smooth massage

massage1 Improves digestion and harmonises.
Duration: 2 hours Price: €105,00

Kapha massage: dynamic massage

massage1 It’s very good agaist fath and stagnation of fluies, general weakness and respiration diseases.
Duration: 2 hours Price: €105,00

Traditional massages

Partial massage

Duration: 25 minutes Price: €30,00

Complete massage
Duration: 50 minutes Price: €50,00

Relaxing massage
Duration: 50 mintes Price: €50,00

Sports massage
Duration: 50 minutes Price: €50,00

Duration: 50 minutes Price: €50,00

Reflexology Foot massage
Duration: 50 minutes Price: €50,00